Are Dark Circles Hereditary?

Are Dark Circles Hereditary?

In the contemporary world, everyone is obsessed with beauty and good skin. However, the hectic schedules of work and the modern unhealthy lifestyle are taking away this beauty and causing different problems like wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles that will overlook your beauty. It is a better choice for you to know the reasons behind them. It is believed that beauty comes hereditary well that’s true, but these dark circles, fine lines, and other skin issues not always come through hereditary. There are several reasons behind getting these dark circles and other skin issues.

In this article, we are providing you information regarding what is the possible reasons behind getting dark circles. If you are also willing to know profound details about getting dark circles, then continue reading this article.

Primary reasons behind getting dark circles

Well, dark circles are not caused due to hereditary, but these are caused due to the following reasons.


The modern lifestyle is full of the hectic schedule, and we are not paying the optimal attention to health. If you are not having a night of proper sleep, then there is a possibility that you would have larger and darker circles around the eyes. In addition, if you are oversleeping, then also you would be having these dark circles around the eyes, so it is optimal for you to have the good enough time of sleep that is 7-8 hrs, which are sufficient for your body. Taking rest for this much time will allow you to have an optimal refreshed mind, using good quality eye cream such as the best eye cream for dark circles, which is helpful for you to get rid of the dark circles quickly.

Are Dark Circles Hereditary?


Dehydration is one of the leading reasons for getting dark circles. If you don’t drink the required amount of water for your body, then your body will not be nourished enough and also not provide shine. As a result of the lack of water in your body, you will end up having dark circles. To get rid of the problem of dehydration, you must drink up to 8 glasses of water daily. You can fix the timings so that you can provide your body needed amount of water to your body. To get rid of these dark circles completely, you can follow up on the Korean beauty regime along with it.


If you have any sort of allergic reactions or eye dryness problems, then there is a possibility that you suffer from dark circles. If you are suffering from one, then in this situation, your body will be releasing the histamines which are secreted due to the harmful bacteria. And if you are not sure about the allergy, then you can observe some of the symptoms such as frequent itchiness, extreme redness along with puffy eyes. You can observe these signs and get optimal medication assistance for them.


With aging, you can get these dark circles. It is a natural sign of aging and provides, which can cause these dark circles problems. The primary reason behind it is the skin getting thinner with aging effect as the skin elasticity doesn’t remain the same, so you end up getting dark circles. You cannot stop these aging effects, but you can surely control them with the use of the optimal use of the Korean eye cream, which will not only work for the dark circles overtly but also helps your skin in making it elastic.

Eye strain

Spending too much time over the television screen or computer screen can lead to eye strain, which will be further responsible for you in getting dark circles beneath your eyes. So it is better for you to look over the screens lesser and control the dark circles. It is a convenient option for you to choose the optimal skincare routine, you can follow up the Korean beauty care regime you can use eye cream for dark circles for better results.

Tips for getting rid of  dark circles

Well, we have seen some of the critical things that are responsible for the dark circles here we are sharing some treatments or ways that you can use for getting rid of the dark circles. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • Eat healthily: your body is in need of eating healthy food as we become what we eat. It will be an optimal choice for you to eat healthily. You can decide to eat greener veggies, which can help you in getting rid of the dark circles.
  • Exercise daily: by maintaining your health, you can keep up to the skin as well. By exercising daily, you can also maintain the health of the skin. Exercising daily allows you to have elasticity in your body.
  • Use optimal skincare routine: it is right for you to get an optimal skincare routine, which can be proven to be helpful in dealing with skincare problems like dark circles and along with many others. You can consider following up on the Korean beauty regime, which allows you to have the optimal treatment for your skincare problems.

You can surely use these tips for getting rid of the dark circles optimally. Not everyone suffers from the same problems; if you are having dark circle problems due to the stress and climate-related, then following up the tips as mentioned earlier will be a reliable option for you.

The bottom line

In this article, we have seen reasons that are responsible for dark circles. in addition, we have taken a glance over the medication that can provide you assistance for getting rid of the dark circles. You can make use of the accurate skin regime that can provide assistance in getting lightning these dark circles. You can also make use of the best Korean eye cream, which are proven to be helpful in dealing with extremely dark circles. We hope you find the details, as mentioned earlier, useful and informative.

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January 20, 2014