What Do Toddlers like to Play With?
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What Do Toddlers like to Play With?

Actually, the toddlers are small explorers who learn by doing every day. Simply, play offers your child a wonderful opportunity to build up and practice the new skills at their own place by just following the different interests. If you give play things and best climbing toys for toddlers, they can shape their own development in unique ways. At present, there is a vast range of toys that have been specially made for the toddlers available in the market. It may appear like selecting toys for toddlers must be a very easy thing. The toddlers always require more entertainment offered by us.

What Do Toddlers like to Play With?

The kids are like sponges; this is particularly factual for toddlers. The small ones from one to three ages are always absorbing the new things regularly. The main mode of learning for children is their playtime. They can simply start by playing side by side and then move ahead into more interactive things, where they can engage with and also absorb information from their playmates. In fact, the perfect game can always boost up your kid’s physical, emotional and cognitive skills, so obtain your toddlers started with any of the best games. Moreover, the climbing toys are also frequently used for kids with a lot of energy.

What are climbing toys?

The climbing toys are primarily fun structures that specially developed for your young toddlers to assist them to learn how to climb, so as to enhance their motor talents, strengthen their muscles and also support them with their coordination and balance as well. It also assists with their social skills and imagination, when they play on the climber with other kids. Generally, there are indoor and outdoor climbing toys available; both are highly suitable for children. The larger ones are typically made for outdoor use and the lightweight ones are indoor climbing toys for toddlers.

What Do Toddlers like to Play With?

Lists of best climbing toys for toddlers- indoor/ outdoor

Now, the climbing toys come in all sizes and shapes. According to your toddler, you must decide which features you opt for. When you are looking for the best climbing toys for toddlers, let’s go through the following top choices on this list that includes:

Costzon folding slide

This is one of the best climbing toys for toddlers to climb on. It is fully made up of non-toxic PE material in which the kids will skate on. It has capability to handle up to 110 lbs. This skate is highly proposed for kids between the ages of three and eight years. This climbing toy also has several bright colors that really look impressive to your toddler. Even this skate is very soft, a mild slope and the steps are simply to climb. The whole skate is gently linked with no feature edges, so your toddler is safe and risk free.

Lil monkey dome climber

This climber toy features the toys that are made up of strong plastic tubes. These tubes are very safer as well as more flexible than steel tubes. The dome climber is highly safeguarded against the UV rays of sunlight, so that the children can safely play on it in the outdoors. You can also have the toddlers to play on it in the indoors. Hence, this is best for toddlers of ages between three to six years.

Skyward summit climber

This is top most best climbing toys for toddlers in this list. The parents who purchase this climber for their kids are very lucky. It is specially made in the shape of a mountain, so your kids feel like small explorers, when they are climbing. Also, you get to know how active the imaginations of toddlers can obtain. This mountain has four slides and a peak. These four slides have holes, so your kid can easily climb to the top. This summit climber also has nine hand grips, which are located at strategic places for the toddlers to hold on while making their climb.

Small tike’s first slide

If you have toddlers who are just about 18 months old to six years old, this is a wonderful skate to obtain them. The toddlers can utilize it both indoors or outdoors. They can also even play it on the indoors at night time or in cold weather as well as enjoy using it in sunny days, when the weather is awesome. As like many toys of this type, it needs some assembly. Luckily, you will not require any tools to assemble. If you wish to be creative and offers your toddlers maximum enjoyment, this slide is amazing for a ball pit.

Simple outdoor space dome climber

This is another excellent outdoor climbing toy for toddlers. It is just shaped as a dome and made up of steel bars. This steel is highly UV resistant and rust, so it is completely safe to keep out of doors in all types of climatic condition. This dome climber is supposed to handle maximum capacity of 1000 pounds. This dome is also very sturdy and must provide your toddlers many years of enjoyment and entertainment as well.

Panda climber

This is a versatile climber toy for toddlers who can enjoy playing in their homes. It is an all-in-one climber toy, which will need your kid to participate in more than one fun activity. For safety, this climber has a safe rail that will encircle your kid to assure that they do not fall, while they are climbing.


Therefore, choosing the best climbing toys for toddlers can be used both inside and outside. These toys are well known for kids to develop their skills and ability. Luckily, most of the toys for toddlers are very fun and interesting to use. At the same time, the benefits of toys can include enhanced thinking, good locomotor development and also good social skills, when the toddlers play with their kids. When you give climbing toys to your toddlers, you must take a look at child’s health and development too. Hence, this guide will help you learn on all kinds of climbers from indoor to outdoor climbing toys.