What Makes You Look Older?
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What Makes You Look Older?

In fact, the way to look younger and more beautiful is not complicated, even sometimes extremely simple. How?

Here is how you can make your face look younger and beautiful.

Choose the right lipstick color

The first thing to focus on is the color of lipstick. You should choose a lipstick shade that suits your skin color and lip color. Go for creamy or emulsion lipsticks that will reduce the feeling of heaviness and make you look fresh all day. It is also important to choose an age-appropriate lipstick. If you are my age, trust the lipsticks for over 40 to choose from.

What Makes You Look Older?

Balm for lips

One thing that is undeniable is that the sexiest lips will also age over time. So, to overcome the aging effect on lips, say no to dark or dull lipsticks because these shades only make lip older.

Smart choices for lip shades are pink lip glosses as light colors make your lips look fuller, younger, and softer.

Eyes as a focal point

A line of fuller eyelashes will help your face shine. You can curl your eyelashes after applying mascara. Just make sure the mascara is dry. Curling your eyelashes will make your eyes look bigger. Don’t leave the face without mascara and curly lashes.

Makeup to cover eyelid droop

To “cure” the upper eyelid from the pull-down, a makeup artist from New York – Ms. Paula Dorf – advised to line the art around the eyes. Use a light eyeshadow near your eyelashes and create a darker shadow at the eye above the lash line.

“A light-colored creamy eye shadow makes the lower lash line more prominent. On the other hand, the dark eye shadow helps to create a feeling of lower eyelid drooping. Of course, in the end, you will get bigger and more youthful eyes.

What Makes You Look Older?

Do not let the eyebrows sparse

When you are 30, you need to be careful to avoid too thin eyebrows, and if that happens, you will look quite pale. So, you need to carefully use a pencil before going out or apply some natural remedies to stimulate the growth of the eyebrow.

Keep hair length between chin and shoulders

Having hair that is not over shoulder length will help cover your wide face. This will also make your face look more attractive and more youthful.

Choose the right hair color

Don’t foolishly experiment with the Lady Gaga pre-labeled hair colors. According to color expert Louis Licari, if your blonde hair dyed with dark color, you will no longer have the amulet. However, the soft light hair color helps you look young and lovely. Not only this, but the dark hair dye tones also do not look natural too.

More radiant with concealer

Why are you risking to “bare” the lower eye contour?

Apply a small amount of creamy concealer on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Also, apply it outside the nostrils and on the corners of the lips. And of course, this will make your face surprisingly radiant and wonderful.

New York makeup artist Mally Roncal said that “applying concealer in this way will create curiosity in people. They will start asking who the plastic surgeon is for you.”

Lift sagging round 3

Not only will the cheekbones be the victims of age, but the buttocks will not have the ideal measurements as ever. To get a full round buts, says Susan Crippen – an expert of J brands, you need to look carefully at the label before buying jeans.

You should choose pants with the elasticity of at least 2%. “Pants with the material of over 98% cotton can get loose right after wearing and do not help shape”.

Keep your hair shinier

Straightening and styling your hair can make your hair look frizzy. So, women should start using silky hair cream to their hair care routine. This will provide the needed shine to your rough locks and make them more manageable.

What Makes You Look Older?

Choose the perfect bra

Choose the good bras that fit your body well, so consider the quality, not the number of bras you have in your closet. According to New York stylist Annabel Tollman, “A good bra helps lift the breast, creates a sense of a longer, and slimmer waist.” Of course, these are the indicators of your younger look too.

Remove the “plastering” type makeup

According to makeup expert Dorf, dry makeup makes your skin look old and scary. As you age and your skin produces less oil, and for this, a light, glossy makeup will be a perfect choice. You should try a light moisturizing cream and light pink or bronze creams. Also, do not forget to create accents with the other makeup products but use pink to help your face look youthful.

Blushing cheeks

The plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, Mr. Gabriel Chiu, states that the fat layer on cheek sag when you get old. However, a little bright pink blush can enhance the cheekbones and create a sense of healthy cheeks.

Try whitening your teeth

Over time, the teeth the color of teeth may change due to the effects of coffee, tea, or red wine. You can whiten your teeth quickly with whitening products or seek the help of a dentist.

Make your hands look beautiful

What Makes You Look Older?

Nail polish or a ring will help you hide the signs of age on your hands, such as prominent veins or age spots. Researchers from the UK have done a study that estimates the age of women based on looking at images of their hands. Research results show that 49% of people with nail polish and 52% of people wearing hand jewelry look younger than other people.

Stand up straight

Look at all the sexy women you know, and they are confident when standing up of chair or bed upright. Not only does this make them slimmer, but it can also make them look five years younger.

Good night sleep

A good night’s sleep is very important for your health and beauty. Without sleep, your eyes will look puffy, dark circles appear, and your face will lack vitality.

Improvisation map

Costumes can tell a lot about age, social status, occupation, personality, interests, and more. The fact is, before we started talking to someone, we formed made ideas about that person through the clothes they wore.

Thus, with the help of clothing, we can change our entire look. Do not choose a color scheme that is not in trend or out of fashion. Try your best with an “off-tone” shirt or accessory, such as a messy hair, a casual jacket or matching flat shoes with a strange, long skirt. Make sure you look ten years younger.